Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What makes an excellent belly dance teacher?

So what does make an excellent belly dance teacher?

Experienced, well-studied, smart, passion for the dance are some of the elements.

Unfortunately belly dance is rife with unqualified teachers.  Too often students taking lessons feel they are qualified to teach themselves long before they should even consider it. If you've been taking lessons for a few months or a year or two; you should not be teaching.  It's just not fair to anyone that would take lessons from you. Because YOU are still a student.

Some dancers should not teach simply because they themselves, no matter how long they've been in belly dance or how many lessons they took, just are not good dancers.  Many rushed through the learning process themselves. These people just should not teach.  When they do teach, how good will their students be?  Not very.  They are doing their students a huge disservice.

Please put your ego aside and think twice about teaching belly dance classes. If you are truly qualified to teach, then teach.  If not, wait until you are ready.  Your students will respect you for it!

A good teacher should have at least several years of consistent, intensive dance studies and performing before considering teaching classes.

When choosing a teacher you should see her dance first.  Then ask yourself:  Would I like to dance like her?  Is she one of the most graceful belly dancers I have ever seen?

Follow my advice and you just might get this nifty cup!
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Najla said...

Great article! I know in hindsight that I started teaching way too early on. Someone needed a sub for a class and asked me to step in. Not only do I wish I had been savvy enough to say that I wasn't ready but I wish that the more experienced dancers would have seen that as well. I've been teaching for over a decade but it's been a challenge to keep pushing myself as a performer as well as a teacher.