Friday, October 21, 2011

More than 100 Belly Dancers

I was just looking at the long list of belly dancers who have been a part of IAMED.  They have either performed in one or more of our stage shows and were then on the DVD version of the show or they are teachers on one or more of our instructional DVDs.

I counted at least 117 solo belly dancers and dance companies/troupes. Some danced only once, some numerous times.  Some like Jillina and Jamileh performed both solo and with their dance company. 

117 + is an impressive number of belly dancers, but as many of them that have performed or taught, I would love too add more.....More of our previous belly dancers and more new talent.  I am always looking for new great talent.  If you think you are that new great talent, send me a link to your performance videos. 

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