Friday, October 14, 2011

Ava Fleming - Sizzlin' DVD Set

One of the things I noticed about belly dance when I was a baby dancer was the importance of isolating parts of the body. One part of your body this way and the other that way, isolating muscles in various parts of the body. It's a very important part of belly dance.

Ava's Sizzlin' Torso and Sizzlin' Hips is all about isolations. Ava takes you through her unique technique in this set of DVDs.  Her style is based on relaxation within muscular and skeletal isolations and weight distribution. 

In the 2 DVDs she teaches muscle identification with exercises to help you connect to the specific muscles you will be using. 

This set is truly unique and there's nothing else quite like it anywhere else on the market.  If you don't already have this set, I would highly recommend them.  They will make you a better dancer. 

Click here to view the Sizzlin' Set.  Take a look at the video clips of the DVDs. 

Suzy Evans

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