Monday, November 19, 2012

Be Easy To Work With

Speaking as a presenter and producer it is important for you as a performer and teacher to be easy to work with.  

If you have reached the point in your belly dance career that you are now being hired for teaching and/or performing it's extremely important to act like a professional and one of the hallmarks of a pro is to be easy to work with. What does that mean?

No drama
Be prepared
Don't constantly call the employer and bug them
Don't be demanding
Roll with the punches
Offer to help
Send a thank you note
Be nice and friendly to everyone at the event
Don't bug the employer/presenter at the event about little things. 
(I really hate this! Belly dancers who bug me about small stuff when I'm already under stress at an event and dealing with staff and 50 dancers and last minute stuff and then they start pulling on me about how they can't find their shoe or something stupid like that... sorry, got carried away.)

If you do the above you will likely be hired back again.  
If you don't do the above you will likely not hired again.  And the presenter may tell others you were hard to work with.  You don't want that. 

This applies to stars and those that want to be stars. We as presenters of events have long memories. And trust me, we remember the easy people and the difficult people.

Be easy!  (to work with that is...)

Suzy Evans

Here's a photo of Sadie.  Sadie is easy to work with.
Be like Sadie!