Thursday, May 31, 2012

Keep it Short

"Always keep them wanting more."  
Far too often belly dancers performances are too long.  I can count on 1 hand the numbers of dancers that I can avidly watch for more than 10 minutes. Most belly dancers should keep their routines to no more than 7 minutes.  Even if you have been given a 10 or 15 minute spot on a program, that does not mean you should fill it. 

Some years ago I was offered a 15 minute performance spot.  I felt obligated to fill the entire 15 minutes.   That was a mistake.  Not only did the audience get bored during the performance, but I did too.  

Be sure to add variety, layers and changes of pace in the routine.  If you are newer to the dance, there is nothing wrong with doing a 4 or 5 minute piece.  You want to be comfortable in your routine.  

If you keep your dance short, your audience will want to see more, but don't give it to them, it may be stepping just over the line. Learn how to gauge the length of your performance. Better to dance 1 minute shorter than 1 minute too long and start losing the interest of your audience.    

Tamra Henna in Belly Dance Sensations
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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sword Face

You must avoid sword face at costs!!  Sword face is that look on your face you get when you are balancing a sword on your head and you're overly afraid it's going to fall off.  
There's only 1 cure for sword face. Before you even think about performing sword work in a performance, you must practice with your sword enough so that you are confident enough that it will not fall off.  Remember - Practice makes perfect....
This will also put your audience at ease and they will enjoy your performance, rather than worrying with you that the sword will go a flying off!
Suzy Evans
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This is Zahirah.  She never has sword face.