Thursday, October 27, 2011

Belly Dance Performance Videos for Inspiration

A recent conversation with a belly dancer made me think of this.  Sometimes when we have been belly dancing for a year or more, you can get bored with your own performances.  You feel like you are doing the same moves over and over and in the same way.  Sometimes we just need to be inspired. Periodically watching professional belly dancers can be the shot in the arm that you need. Watching them can give you ideas to add to your dance.  If there's a showcase or show, go and see it.  Getting out a performance DVD that you haven't watched in a long time and viewing it again will inspire you.  Buying a new belly dance DVD and asking other dancer friends to come over one evening is another idea.  You can bounce ideas off each other.
Be inspired!

Visit our Belly Dancing Performance Video Section.

Suzy Evans

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