Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Do a Little Belly Dancing Every Day

Most of us do not have the time to rehearse and practice belly dance every single day of the year.  However on the days when we are not doing a full rehearsal, take a minute or 2 just to belly dance.

Here are some suggestions:
When you are sitting at a red light practice your zill patterns. You don't actually need the finger cymbals to rehearse the patterns. Use your "air zills".  (get it?)

Belly dance in the bathroom when you are brushing your teeth or doing your hair.

When you are home alone and just bumping around the house, turn on some Middle Eastern music and belly dance from room to room.  Great way to practice traveling steps or combinations.

If you are sitting at your desk looking at FaceBook or whatever, you can practice upper body movements; torso or arms.

You may not want to belly dance out in public on a street corner, as people have been locked up for less. :)

If you have other suggestions leave them in the comments sections of this blog.

Why should you do this?  Lots of reasons.  It gets you thinking about belly dancing, it could lead to more practice, its fun and it will up lift any day. You could turn a bad day around.

Suzy Evans
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Here's a lovely photo of Lilla Varese
I bet she belly dances a little every day


Neferure said...

Practice belly rolls/stomach control while driving. Also when you first lay down at night, since it is easier to do them while laying down.

Suzy's Belly Dance Blog said...

Great idea Neferure. Thank you for your input.