Friday, September 23, 2011

The Beautiful Uniqueness of Belly Dance

I'm sitting here in front of my computer listening to a motivational tape and all of sudden I felt compelled to write about the how unique belly dance is.

What makes it so different from other dances?

Here's one of the things that make it unique:  Many of the movements of belly dance emanate from the torso.  Dances such as ballet, jazz, modern dance, many ethnic dances... most of the movements emanate from the legs.

Since the movements of belly dancing come from the torso this is what makes it a uniquely feminine and also a sensual dance. Belly dance costumes are specifically designed to show off the unique movements of the dance.

We don't know exactly who coined the term "belly dance".  We think it was mistaken for the term "baladi".  But the term "belly dance" isn't too far off for what it is.  And like it or not that name stuck.

Suzy Evans
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