Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Spins & Turns with Marguerite

Spins and Turns with Marguerite was produced several years ago.  It was shot at Panavision Studios in Woodland Hills, California.  Needless to say they were thrilled to have something completely different and exotic as belly dance taped at their studios.

I was just thinking of the video and how much work was put into it how much fun we had.  One of the funnier stories was the naming of the video.  Of course from the beginning it was going to be named Spins and Turns, but we had alternate names for the video.  Most notably was "Whirling without Hurling".  Certainly a nice ring to it, but we thought it might frighten people away.  :)

At this particular shoot the teachers were wearing a mike on their bodies. And it always on except when we on break.  This can make for some interesting conversation from the teacher, including when they are whispering, or having a personal conversation, forgetting that the tech people can hear everything. Sometimes its too much information!

We also shot the Classic Cabaret Floor Work video with Anaheed during that time frame too.  I'll discuss that on a future post.

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