Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Night in Irvine

I spent a wonderful (and unplanned) evening in Irvine Sunday night.  Leyla and Roland are on tour in North America.  Right now they are in Mexico.

Sunday night Dilek presented them in a show along with local and not so local belly dancers. Leyla and Roland performed twice. They had a Turkish band.  A nice change of pace since its usually an Egyptian band.  Angelika Nemeth and Dilek and her dancers performed.  And the food was great too.  It was good to catch up with Leyla and Roland since its been a long time since I have seen them.  Meet some new dancers and talked to Angelika and Lilla Varese too.  Even though we are all connected in belly dance we just don't get to see each other enough.

At the end we all got up and danced to live music.  A great evening, and it was worth giving up my tickets to the Hollywood Bowl to see and visit with my belly dance sisters.

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Martina said...

yeahhhh Leyla and Roland have a certain charisma!