Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The History of

In a previous post I talked about the anniversary of our website It went on line in January 1999. But we have been on the internet before that. It was common back in the earlier days of the internet to be a part of another website - because there were few websites on the internet and most people did not have their own domain name.

I don't remember the exact date we went on line but I believe we were on the net at least 1 year before So that would have been 1997/1998. I believe the site was called and we had some pages connected to that site.

Over the years the website has undergone numerous design changes and all were quite beautiful and unique. Although in the beginning is a bit amateur looking compared to what websites look like now. Initially there was no store program that came later. The store part of the website has also been re-designed and has had various looks and upgraded to make shopping and checkout easier. We've added video clips of all IAMED videos, which to date is now more than 60. The clips were important to give people an idea of the content of the full length DVD.

The site has added articles, photos, events page, history of belly dance, and hire a belly dancer page. One of the more recent additions is the IAMED stars of belly dancers page. It features photos and articles about the stars of the dance.

The latest news is our store is currently undergoing an upgrade which should be complete within a month. It will offer some new features. I will keep you posted when it is finished.

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