Monday, March 4, 2013

The 2 Speed Belly Dancer

Yes, I know you've seen it too. Too many times. Generally it's a symptom of an inexperienced dancer. What are the 2 speeds?  Fast and faster. 

So you're sitting in the audience at a belly dance event and you're watching one dancer after another. A belly dancer comes out on stage and frantically runs through the first part of her routine. Then the slow music comes up and what's supposed to be the slow sensuous part of the dance, the dancer instead moves faster than the music. Sometimes she whips out her veil and almost uses it as a weapon on the audience. Then the drum solo music comes up and she seems to be doing double time even on the fast music.  She ends her routine and runs off stage.  I often wonder if she falls over from exhaustion then drinks a gallon of water. Then you realize that you're exhausted from watching her too.

Well, there's a simple cure for the 2 speed dancer. 

1. Practice the routine a lot before performing it in public. This will give you confidence in the dance and slow you down. 

2. Breathe. Be sure you are breathing properly through out the routine. Don't be afraid to take a slow deep breath during the performance. 

I hope this cures all future 2 speed dancers. 

Suzy Evans

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Max Anderson said...

Hello, Your post giving me a lot of confidence about dance.I love dancing and also have joined a Dance Summer Camps

Toronto Bellydancers said...

Dance is like music. You need to go somewhere. I usually save the fast part for the end in the drum solo. Even then, a little slowness in a drum solo makes the fast parts even more exciting.

Adonia said...

Here Here! So true. There is so much power and beauty in breathing thru your dance and in slow movement. When utilized properly it is spellbinding.