Monday, January 30, 2012

Keith Drosin Belly Dance Photographs

We are looking for photographs taken by Keith Drosin.  Keith was an amazing photographer who specialized in belly dance photography.  Most of his work was in black and white but there are color photographs out there in the belly dance realm.  IAMED will be adding a gallery to the website dedicated to his work which will also serve as a memorial to him. He primarily took photos in the areas he lived in - New Mexico and Los Angeles. Keith was one of my photographers at the Belly Dance Awards shows.  He did a number of shoots for me in L.A. and took photos - which have become famous - of belly dancers such as Jillina  and Ansuya.  His photos graced the front of the flyers for the Belly Dance Awards shows since the first show.

My friend Keith Drosin passed away in August 2000, coincidentally on the same day as the 4th Awards of Belly Dance.

While I have a number of his photos, I want the gallery to be as complete as possible. If you or you know of anyone who had their photo taken by Keith, please have them contact me through the website.  We do not need hard copies, they can be emailed. Please share this post and get the word out.

Thank you,
Suzy Evans

Ansuya by Keith Drosin


Brenda said...

This is my favorite shot of Ansuya. There are many great pics of bellydancers but this one is the best I have seen.

ריקודי בטן said...

Such sexy and feminine photo! love it!