Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Count Your Blessings

With Christmas just around the corner, its a good time to think about how blessed we are.  No matter what your circumstances, if you are financially sound or not, whether you are physically challenged or have great health; there are many things we can be grateful for.

I remember a conversation I had with a young man several years ago.  He had a horrific home life.  No father in the house and a mother who was an abusive drug addict.  I could fully understand why he was depressed and felt he had no hope.  When I told him he was actually a lucky person, he thought I was crazy.  He just needed to change his psychology.  I told him every night before he went to sleep to think of 3 things to be grateful for. Initially he said he could not think of anything, so I helped him get started.
"I am healthy, I have friends, I am young, I have many opportunities to become anything I want to be, I just ate delicious hamburger today...."

And then I told him to start helping other people.  At first he did not grasp this concept.  I told him that if he just did some small thing to help someone everyday, it would change his life.  Helping does not necessarily mean giving someone money.  There are many ways to help someone that don't cost anything.  
Pay somebody a compliment everyday, someone you know or a stranger. Go visit someone in an adult care facility, pick a person that does not get visitors. Give somebody a flower.

This young man is now doing much better.  He's got a job and is on his own.

Suzy Evans

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Donnie Jo Uberson said...

The words for your philosophy about being greatful and helping others is simple enough to understand but much more difficult to put into action, especially for one who suffers depression anyway.

You were correct in suggesting that it takes work to learn to think in the pattern of thankfulness and generosity.