Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wishing You a Happy Dance-able Summer

The start of summer is just days away and many of us will be going on vacation. I'll be making short trips to Phoenix, Nashville, and Evansville, Indiana. (What an interesting combination!) BTW - Evansville was named after me. I'll also be attending my high school reunion in September. I'm not sharing how many years its been. :) And I will be attending concerts at the Hollywood Bowl.

I know that most of us are very busy during the summer months even if we are not going away. Please keep your belly dance practice and routine in place as much as possible during the summer. Attend whatever belly dance workshops, classes, and events that you can. I'd like to see you in the fall at your new next level up in your belly dancing career.

Have a great belly dance summer!

Suzy Evans


SaraBeth said...

More than likely I won't see you, but welcome to Phoenix!!

Amanda said...

I'm sorry I missed you!! Next time you're in Evansville, let's get coffee!