Sunday, January 23, 2011's 12th Anniversary is celebrating its 12th anniversary this month. IAMED has actually been on the internet for at least a year prior to that. It was common back in the dark ages of the internet to be a part of another companies website. If memory serves me correctly, it was part of That company no longer exists.

I was pleased to secure the domain in January 1999 and transfer and build the IAMED website. Since its inception, it has undergone several face lifts. Looking back on the last 13 years on the internet, I feel honored to have been there at the beginning.

We have other anniversaries this year. IAMED was founded in summer of 1996. My personal anniversary in the dance is nearing 36 years! Time flies!

Suzy Evans


DrumnDance said...

Congratulations Suzy. You have worked hard and long and deserve the credit.

DrumnDance said...

Congratulations Suzy, you deserve the credit. You have worked long and hard. Do not stop now!