Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's in the Can!

We wrapped our shoot late Saturday night in Long Beach. The shoot went very well. The set looked great and the dancers were wonderful. We had an excellent turn out for our performance day last Wednesday. I'm looking forward to releasing the new titles.
Stay tuned...




Anonymous said...

Ooooooh I'd love seeing some photos on the blog!!! That would be amazing.
And of course I'd be curious about what the dvds will cover.. also the new Kaya and Sadie one for July.
Some appetizers regarding the contents, please! :)

Suzy's Belly Dance Blog said...

I'll add some photos soon. The next DVD to be released is Pops, Locks and Shimmies 2. Its a continuation of the first volume. The content is excellent. If you liked the first one, I think you might like this one even more.
More info coming soon....

Anonymous said...

Thank you!
Can'T wait for some pictures :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Suzy and IAMED,

I recently watched two or three of IAMED performance videos I'd owned for a while, but never had time to watch!
I adore Bellydance Spectacular - it is my favorite so far.
I believe on this one it was I sae Dalia Carella perform very nice Turkish Rom, and then more Spanish "gypsy" stylization.
I thought it was terrific!

I would LOVE to have a Turkish Rom instructional. I know many people have talked about wanting something like this for a while, and workshops of the few authentic/well-educated dancers seem to be a big success.

Now I think IAMED could definitely come up with a good Turkish Rom video, by either Dalia Carella, or Artemis Mourat or maybe by a couple of different people.

I would like it to be a most authentic technique and combinations dvd, if possible pretty long and explanatory of both the Turkish Rom culture and their specific moves. Little skirt work as some sell as "Turkish" Rom, but really movements like these:




There is nothing like this on the market! What do you say?

Suzy's Belly Dance Blog said...

Thank you for the recommendation to produce a Turkish Rom video. I will put this on the list of future projects. I too love Dalia's and Artemis's style of dance.

Anonymous said...

That would be terrific!! Put me on the pre-order list :)