Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Featured Belly Dance Article

Why I Love Bellydance!
- by Candice Coleman

I had always been attracted to the idea of belly dance and took a couple of classes when in my 20’s, but like most of my endeavors in those days, I didn’t stick with it. Many years later a boyfriend of mine made the comment, “My Mom belly dances; yup, my Dad’s a lucky guy.” He made it sound like a mathematical equation: Mom bellydances = Dad’s a lucky guy. When I asked him how old his mother was, he said, “65, but you’d never know it.” Somehow hearing this re-inspired me, for real this time, to take up a serious study of bellydancing. The first teacher I located wasn’t a good one. I didn’t give up, though, and found a dancing haven with my first real teacher.

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